Snail Serums

Do you know who has the softest, yougest looking hands in the world?  Snail handlers.  The workers employed in the food industry to care for escargot snails are in direct contact with pure, undiluted snail mucin.  In fact, their out-of-this-world hand skin started biological studies performed in snail slime, and a complete beuty industry was born.

If you want to replicate the same effect, then you need to use a high concentration snail serum.

A high concentration serum is the most effective way to give your skin the benefits of snail mucin' s properties. In serums, the concentration of the main active ingredient, snail secretion, is higher than the one present on any cream or lotion (creams and lotions contain fillers that give the formula its texture and volume). For that reason, you will see results faster... glorious glowing skin!


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  • Andes Organics Pure Snail Serum 100 ML
    Our price $57.95
    RRP: $180.00
  • Andes Organics Pure Snail Serum with Aloe Vera 100 ML
    Our price $82.95
    RRP: $380.00
  • Heliderm Snail Serum
    Our price $38.80
    RRP: $48.00
  • PetitGris Escargot Advanced Serum
    Our price $95.00
    RRP: $160.00
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