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Snail (Escargot) Cosmetics

Snail cream is made from snail mucus, or slime as it is commonly called. Snail slime is the fluid that snails’ excrete that allows them to glide along and climb walls without falling.

Snail slime has some unique medicinal properties that are used in various dermatologic conditions and products. Snail cream is available in over-the-counter cosmetic creams to treat various skin conditions.

The mucus used on cosmetics come from a Chilean snail called Helix Aspersa (this is the only snail species that producde slime benefitial for th skin) . One of the first application of the mucus was helping heal skin burns. A study by D. Tsoutsos and colleagues, published in the 2009 issue of “The Journal of Dermatological Treatment,” evaluated snail extract used as a burn treatment in 43 burn patients. One group of 27 patients used snail cream twice daily while the control group of 16 patients used moist exposure burn ointment, MEBO. The patients given the cream with snail extract had a significant improvement in burned skin. The burn patients treated with MEBO did not show the same improvements. They concluded that snail cream is a safe and effective alternative treatment for burns.

As the fame for snail slime to heal damaged burn skin and reduce scars grew, creams appeared for direct cosmetic use.  The properties that made it such a good medicinal product, were incredible at reducing wrinkles, acne scars, dull complextion, age spots and general skin blemishes.

Today, there are at least 30 well known labels of Snail Cream in the USA alone, but very few high concentration, high quality brands.  Sadly, most of the creams comercialized in local stores have such a small amount of snail slime that the resulting product is practically worhtless. 

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