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Seaweed Cosmetics

Seaweed Can Do Amazing Things for Your Hair and Skin!

Have skin and hair that could use a boost?  Look no further than the ocean!  One of the water's greatest treasures is seaweed.  Yes, the same seaweed you get tangled up in on vacation!  But when you use it the right way, it can do amazing things for your hair and skin, like:

  • Combating acne: Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can soothe all of the inflammation that's causing those red, painful pimples.  As long as that inflammation is left to float freely through your system, you'll battle embarrassing, unsightly acne.  It's that simple!
  • Making your hair healthier: No matter how many styling products and tools you invest in, you'll never have great-looking hair if it's not healthy!  Fortunately, all of the minerals in seaweed make it an easy tool for pumping up the health of your hair.  Simply massage it into your scalp, and it will nourish your follicles and make each individual strand stronger.
  • Growing hair:  If your problem is that you simply don't have as much hair as you'd like, seaweed can help!  Because it contains so much iodine, it can actually stimulate hair growth.  While there are plenty of reasons why people start to lose their hair, one of the most common -- and one of the most overlooked -- is an iodine deficiency.  A simple diet change may be all it takes to grow more hair!   As an added benefit, when it's applied directly to your hair, the iodine can actually fight off bacteria and microscopic fungus that's eating away at your hair follicles and making you look a little thin on top.
  •  Reducing toxins:  Having a bunch of toxins living inside your skin makes you look dull and lifeless.  If you want that fresh look, you've got to get rid of them!  Luckily, simply letting seaweed sit on your skin will draw out any excess fluid, dead cells, and toxins that are preventing the real you from shining through. As an added benefit, getting rid of all of those toxins will make your skin smoother, which brings us to the next benefit.
  •  Fighting cellulite:   For most of us, "cellulite" is a dirty word because it's so unsightly and so hard to get rid of!  However, seaweed can actually make your skin more supple and more elastic -- two things that can help stop cellulite in its tracks.
  • Adding moisture:  Even if you don't have cellulite, you're probably looking for a way to give your skin more moisture.  Seaweed can be your skin's new best friend because it contains essential fatty acids that don't just infuse your skin with moisture, but also prevent your skin from losing that moisture anytime soon.

Now, one of the reasons that high quality seaweed creams and spa treatments are so expensive (think of brands like La Mer, Shisheido and Phytomer) are so expensive is beacuse they use high quality seaweed, that comes from seas with no contamination....  sadly, most sea shore in the United States produces seaweed that is not fit for cosmetic use.

Another unifying factor in high end seaweed creams are the high concentration of seaweed.  The best brands (only three in the world!) incorporate seaweed into their formulas via oxidation:  they let the natural seaweed age in large containes of organic base cream for up to 6 months.  The nutrients of the seawwed are transfered to the cream, which is later passed thorugh a collator to obtain a soft cream or lotion.  Most luxe brands (including La Mer!) cook the seawwed to obtain a broth, and then they incorporate this broth into the base cream.  The problem is that heating seawweds destroys an important part of the nutients.  Therefore, creams and lotions based on seaweed broth are not as effective as those made from seaweed oxidation.

Lovely and Natural compiled these collection of creams ans Spa products bases on high concentration, natural seawwed that has been solely oxidized.  The prices?  Fantastic!

Want to experience the health benefits of Seaweed in Skin care & Hair Care, browse our selection of Organic nutrient rich skin care and tap into the power of seaweed!

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