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Argeriline - Anti-Wrinkles Creams and Serums

What is Argeriline?

Argireline is another name for acetyl hexapeptide-3. It is a skin-rejuvenation compound that you use on your face to reduce wrinkles. Argireline relaxes the tension in the facial muscles; it is this tension that causes skin to wrinkle.  In that effect, Argeriline performs the same function as Botox, but without the inyections, cost and pain.

Argireline is used in skincare products to avoid the appearance of lines and wrinkles that are caused by our gestures:  deep laugh lines, crow feets caused by squinting, brow and headfore lines. You apply a small amount, usually about the size of a pea, to your eye area, your forehead and other parts of your face where wrinkles or lines are evident.  Users of Argeriline swear by its diminishing of wrinkles,

It is recommended you use products containing argireline twice a day for the first 30 days, then once a day after that. Following these guidelines will help you avoid problems with dry skin that can sometimes occur with this product.

While there are several labels that offer Argeriline skin care products, many contain too small amount of this peptide to have noticeable effects. For that reason, we are trhilled to represent the The Dermik Argeriline line:  each product contains such high Argeriline concentration that this new brand is adding faithful followers around the world.  At these prices, it is easy to wipe out the awful effects of time from your face.


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  • Daytime 5% Argireline and Aosaine Nourishing Cream
    Our price $53.10
    RRP: $76.99
  • Night Time 5% Argireline and HSC Cream
    Our price $55.40
    RRP: $78.60
  • Offer! Daytime & Nightime 5% Argireline Creams Combo
    Our price $76.90
    RRP: $199.98
  • Time Intense 10% Argireline Serum
    Our price $58.20
    RRP: $74.30
  • Vital Expression Concentrated 15% Argireline Serum Vials
    Our price $72.50
    RRP: $95.30
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