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Active ingredients are considered to have a pharmacological altering effect on skin, and these effects must be documented by scientific evaluation and approved by the FDA.

Lovely and Natural specializes in cosmetics that have a natural, organic element as active ingredient.  We firmy believe that the wisdom of nature is unmatched, and that is mother nature who offers the products that best care for our beauty and health.

We have coategorized our extensive catalaog by acitve ingredient, presenting to you collections of wonderful, hard to find products that will re-define your approach to skin care.


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  • Vinoactiv Soap
    Our price $9.85
    RRP: $11.50
  • Vinoactive Facial Cream
    Our price $25.50
    RRP: $37.50
  • Vinoactive Hand Cream
    Our price $24.75
    RRP: $36.25
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