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Lovely and Natural:  Bringing Natural Cosmetics Excellence to the World

Natural and Lovely is an exclusive distributor for the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, of some of the most prestigious brands of natural cosmetics manufactured in South America and Europe.  These unique products follow our believe that beauty care should be natural, respectful of Mother Nature and non-invasive.

We have exciting opportunities for new distributors.  You can represent niche brands that boast products that are hard to find and have a cult following.  Contact us to obtain details on how you can benefit from these ,advantageous opportunities.

Contact us to obtain wholesale prices and terms if you are interested on becoming a distributor on any these labels!

Below find a few examples of how advantageous our wholesale deals are.  You can purchase any of these wholesale sample packs online for immediate delivery.


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  • Wholesale Deal: Andes Organics Pure Rosehip Oil, 10 litres
    Our price $1280.90
    RRP: $4380.95
  • Wholesale Deal: Andes Organics Pure Rosehip Oil, 1000 ml
    Our price $135.25
    RRP: $589.90
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